House Buyers in Forsyth County, NC

OffersMade, Inc. – Your experienced house buyers in Forsyth County!

Our investors buy single family homes in the Forsyth County area of North Carolina (Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Lewisville, Kernersville, Walkertown, Pffaftown, Rural Hall, and Walnut Cove). We have a proven track record of solving your most difficult real estate problem.

We will buy or lease your house, make your payments, do repairs, and close quickly – any area, any price range, and any condition!

Best of all, we are not Realtors® — we are Buyers! And we never charge a commission for our services.

Do you have a home for sale? Are you trying to avoid foreclosure?

Do you own an unwanted house and need to sell quickly? Has your listing expired or, worse yet, is your house not even “listable?” Is your house vacant? Need repairs? Are you in foreclosure? Behind on payments? Relocating? Divorce? Bad tenants? Owe liens? 100% financed? Estate Sale? Fire damage? These are common problems that can happen to anyone!

Our investors buy houses from people in situations just like yours in most any area or price range. We can pay all cash with no contingencies and close in a few days if needed. We handle all the paperwork and make all the arrangements. You’ll get a quick sale with no hassles and your worries will be behind you. Many other options are available. Contact us now and find out how we can solve your problem so you can move on with your life! More details.

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