Are you an investor, banker, RealtorĀ®, contractor, or other professional?

We might be able to help each other. We’re always looking for the best professionals to help us provide the best service possible. Sometimes, there are more problem properties than there is time or resources.

If you are a real estate investor, let us know what type of properties and locations you are interested in. We occasionally obtain leads on properties that are outside our current needs or wants, either due to type of property or location. Since we’re in the business of helping every one that we can, we’ll gladly pass these deals on to you if we know they meet your specs. Let us know what types of investments you’re looking for by filling out our Investor Information sheet.

Do you have money to lend? Are you looking for a higher rate of return?

We give private lenders what they’re looking for: peace of mind while earning a high rate of return. We use private lenders for short term loans for many of our properties, both residential and commercial. All of our loans are secured by real estate with a low loan to value (LTV) ratio. If you have money in a bank account, retirement fund, or IRA that is not earning the returns you would like to see, please contact us at Triad Real Estate Investors for further information.

Other professionals

We use the services of many professionals. If you’re a RealtorĀ®, banker, mortgage broker, contractor, handyman, or other professional, contact us and let us know your specialty and how we may be of service to one another.