Care to earn a few extra dollars? We gladly pay finder’s fees to anyone who leads us to any type of property that we eventually buy.

There are several ways this can happen:

• You send us and lead and we buy the property
• Seller of property mentions your name as his or her referrer
• Seller first learns about OffersMade through you or through one of our business cards, fliers, or brochures that you provided or placed at your business
• Seller mentions one of our road signs placed on your property or place of business

In any event, we will pay you $500 for each house that meets one of these criteria after we close the deal with the seller.
We also pay $500 for bringing us a buyer who buys one of our properties! It’s not often you get paid for choosing your neighbors!
Contact us for more details.

Care to earn even bigger bucks?

Send us commercial properties that match the ones outlined here and earn up to $5000.00 per property. Contact us for more information.