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I want to thank you for coming to our rescue! It really got us where we needed to be. God Bless you always.

— D. & C. Peters, Winston-Salem, NC

Due to a large amount of medical bills, we had gotten behind and the bank wasn’t really willing to help. We needed to sell the home quickly and get ready for a move out of state. We couldn’t afford to catch up and try to save money for a cross-country move. We contacted Jim Hill at OffersMade and he stepped up and really made it quick, easy, and painless. We just can’t say enough about them and how much they helped!

— L. & R. Little, Lexington, NC

I was going through a separation and money had been tight. I was falling behind on my mortgage payments and didn’t know what to do. While driving down the street, I saw a sign and decided to call the number on it. Jim Hill returned my phone call almost immediately. He came over to look at my house. A week later, the deal was done, I was no longer behind, and I was in my new apartment with the help of Jim. Thanks Jim for the opportunity at a fresh start!

— M. Ricardo, Winston-Salem, NC

“We had to move out of state rather suddenly to help take care of sick relatives. We couldn’t afford to list our house with a Realtor only to wait around hoping it would sell. We contacted OffersMade and were able to close in less than two weeks! They presented us with a nice offer and they were good to deal with all along the way. I didn’t know that selling a house could be so easy!”

— J. Mendenhall, Lexington, NC

“I had worked hard to pay for my house, 13 years of laboring. All it took was one mistake and one sickness to get so far behind I could not catch up. After contacting Jim Hill with OffersMade I was able to rest. He began working with the bank immediately to get me out of my mortgage. He was able to work a deal with the bank so that my credit was not ruined and I do not have to worry about the bank coming back to me for money, years down the road. Thanks to OffersMade I will be able to purchase another home when the perfect one comes along.”

— M. Dorsett, Winston Salem, NC

“When it seemed like nobody could help, OffersMade came to the rescue. We had a rental property and needed a buyer fast. The city was about to demolish the property and it was in foreclosure as well. OffersMade negotiated a solution with the bank, city, and a new buyer. OffersMade saved us a lot of headaches and thousands of dollars. Thanks for all the help!!”

— K. Briggs, Walkertown, NC

“I have always paid my bills on time and have always managed to avoid financial troubles. However, I lost my job a few months ago and had to take another one making a lot less money. I got behind on my house payments and soon fell into foreclosure. There wasn’t enough equity in my house to list it with a Realtor plus I couldn’t afford to wait for a buyer. My credit was on the line. OffersMade stepped in and made me an offer — one I could refuse but only if I were a fool! They handled all the paperwork and made all of the arrangements. They did everything they promised they would do and then some. My credit was salvaged and I was able to move on. These guys are good.

— R. Beane, Winston-Salem, NC

“My story is not that interesting but I’ll tell it anyway: I wasn’t in any financial bind. I didn’t really need to sell. My wife and I had just retired and we were doing fine. However, we’ve always wanted to move to a warmer climate and start doing things that we wanted to do. So, we decided to sell. We didn’t want to wait several months for a buyer so I contacted OffersMade. They came over and looked at the house the next day. The following day they wrote us an offer and we closed the next week. Jim Hill is the investor we dealt with. So many things he would do just on a handshake. I haven’t seen that in years.”

— G. McClellan, Winston-Salem, NC

It’s nice to know that this time around someone is actually working with and for us and not against us… Thanks again for going “above and beyond” during this whole process… We didn’t think there was anyone like you out there!! Now, thanks to your hard work, we are completely out of debt… You did your best work in advertising (superior to just about anything we’ve seen), attracting a lot of traffic to our house and staying in touch by phone/Email. We will freely recommend your service to anyone looking to sell or lease their house!

— Rick & Eileen Beltz, Kernersville, NC

I contacted OffersMade once I began receiving calls and letters threatening foreclosure of my home. Mr. Hill stepped in and saved my mortgage and my credit. He was able to stop the foreclosure and get my home sold within a month at no cost to myself. I am really thankful for OffersMade.

— K. Hall, Greensboro, NC

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See the Testimonials page at TriadHomeForYou.com.


See the Testimonials page at TriadHomeForYou.com.


“I did one deal with Jim Hill of OffersMade and it was a breeze. We didn’t have a formal agreement in place. In fact, we didn’t have anything in writing at all – not even a handshake! All it took was a few phone calls, a few days, and I walked out of a bank with a few thousand dollars cash in my pocket (exactly the way I teach people to do business).”

— Joe White, Winston-Salem, NC

Investor, author, lecturer, & President of Global Net Real Estate in Winston-Salem

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“Bird Dogs”

* Note: Bird Dogs are people who find sellers or buyers for us. We pay them a referral fee for their service. Anyone can be a Bird Dog. We are sometimes the Bird Dog for buyers and sellers when we supply information on properties or buyers that are out of our geographic area.

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